Considering a Career In Software Testing? A realworld experience based alternative view.


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Are you considering a Software Testing Career? Or a Software Testing Job? Have you watched videos describing your future job opportunities and the training or roles you have to consider?

Well, this video might help. I've distilled my 20+ years of Software Testing and Development experience into 20 minutes of hard-hitting "Software Testing as a Career" advice.

And this isn't just for beginners and people at the start of their career. I hope this advice will help you even if you have been a Software Tester for a few years.


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We will cover topics such as:

- Why software testing career can be good.
- Is there much to learn?
- What opportunities are available?
- What types of Software Testing Jobs could you do?
- Is testing a Stepping Stone to becoming a Programmer?
- Is testing really an entry level role?
- How to create career opportunities?
- Should I learn to code?
- How do I get started?
- What should I read?
- How to recognise a bad job?
- How to escape a bad job?
- Should you start by learning to automate?
- Should you get certification?

Published 3 years ago

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