I Have 17 Credit Cards and a $157,400 Limit - Here is Why



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The rules for having and using credit cards are pretty straight forward:
1) Never cancel old credit cards
2) Avoid credit cards with annual fees
3) Never miss a payment
4) Never carry over a balance
5) Never pay any interest (lose money)
6) Don't worry about APR, only care about rewards
7) Never play the balance transfer game
7) Don't do cash advances

Here are the 17 Credit Cards I currently have:

1) Military Star Card
2) USAA Signature Rewards Visa
3) USAA Cashback Rewards Plus American Express
4) Uber Visa
5) Chase Amazon Prime Visa
6) Citi Double Cash
7) Blue Business Plus American Express
8) Blue Cash Preferred American Express
9) Hilton Aspire American Express
10) Chase Sapphire Reserve
11) Delta Skymiles Reserve American Express
12) Citi Prestige
13) American Express Gold Card
14) American Express Green Card
15) American Express Platinum
16) American Express Platinum Charles Schwab
17) American Express Platinum Morgan Stanley

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Published 2 years ago

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