Paying A Credit Card Bill (I Wish I Knew THIS)



In this video we’re talking about your credit card bill to answer some important questions like "when to pay your credit card bill to avoid interest?" We’ll be going over 12 key terms on your credit card statement that everyone needs to know so that you can pay your credit card bill the right way to not only avoid interest, but also increase your credit score!

To summarize this video, the best time to pay your credit card bill is after the statement closing date but before the payment due date. That period of time is called the grace period, and when we make a credit card payment we should be paying off the full statement balance as well. This video will explain that concept in much more detail as I go through one of my real credit card bills.

Overall, using your credit cards the right way is not too difficult once you understand the terms in this video. By learning this info, I’ve been able to always pay my credit card bill on all of my 15 credit cards in full every single month. I’ve never paid a dollar in interest and my goal is for everyone out that watches this video to do the same!

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Published 4 months ago

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