What Is Agile Testing? A Software Testing FAQ and Definition Overview

What is Agile Testing? And does working on an agile project or in an agile team impact our software testing approach or the role of the tester? I answer those questions in this video.

One of the most common questions asked about Agile. And in this video I explain in common sense language:

- What is Agile Testing?
- How is Agile Testing Different?
- What is the same about Agile Testing?


- list of books shown: http://blog.eviltester.com/2017/11/what-is-agile-testing-the-books.html
- MindMap: https://www.mindmeister.com/preview/992477097/what-is-agile-testing
- Slides: http://blog.eviltester.com/2017/11/evil-testers-mini-guide-to-agile.html
- Brochure: http://eviltester.com/agile

Published 4 years ago

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